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PhotobucketMy Holiday Life (Part 1)

ermm,wat do u all do at this holiday ? O.o
Just finish  Forensic Heros 3
Let say today :D
I feel so boring and I paint on my nail
this my tools
and this is my art work :)

 Peace ,Yeah !
this photo taken by my dear sis ,Qili before going to Yong Peng @ Kluang
long time didnt wear dress
I like this
I saw it at kluang mall
12.1-megapixel budget compact with a slender 20mm body
omg ~ i wanna to take it home bcoz it just RM368
but now I didnt have any money
Qili and Ling say pink colour is the best but actually i like the red one
I m confuse that i should buy either pink or red
i'll be back ! after Chinese New Year I will fetch u back =3=



Pink Bow Tie